Julia Lysén

“To me, painting is meditative and in time when creativity flows, time and space disappear. In my creation I try not to set any boundaries for myself, but allow me to try different techniques. Often the result will be single lines in dull colors, but in resent cases also more colorful motifs. Art for me can be beautiful, sober, provocative, thought-provoking or strong. No matter what my art awakes in a human being, my wish is that if possible, it can contribute to a slightly more beautiful world.”

Jag är supernöjd med allt; otroligt fina motiv, bra tryck och snabb le... Läs mer

Sandra F. 2020-05-18

Fina motiv och snabb leverans!

Malin E. 2020-05-17
5 - Baserat på omdömen

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